Thank you for donating towards Steven Cade’s mission to help those in need and your tips to help get his music heard all over the world.


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Steven Cade Fan Support Page

The power of music has the ability to connect people together, transport them to a different time or place, and stir emotions on a deeper level than almost anything else in life. As an artist, I strive to make a real and lasting connection through my music and reach each listener’s emotions through my lyrics and songs. 

I consider myself very blessed to have such an amazing fan base. The ongoing support you’ve given me over the years has made life-changing things happen in my career, and for that, I am forever grateful. I will continue to create music to reach people at that deeper level and grow my fan base. If my music has made a connection with you, and you would like to continue to support my future music endeavors, each contribution makes a great difference in helping causes like the Giving Guitar Tours, accelerating my career and gaining exposure!

(If you would like to be a financial backer/partner with me for the Giving Guitars Tours, for upcoming singles, videos, CD projects, or tours, please reach out, and together we can make amazing things happen.) 

Thank you for visiting this page!  Check my performance schedule and come out—I’d love to see you at a show! Please share my music with your friends and family; every share, like, comment, purchase, and dollar makes an incredible difference!

‘Every single dollar I receive in tips, CD and music sales, merchandise sales, and performance fees is crucially important in order for me to continue creating music and performing. Every dollar matters and is appreciated. I am proof that your support, donations, tips, and prayers work!

My family and I thank you for your contributions to help support my career.
Steven Cade’

Here are areas where your contributions go (just to name some):

Giving Guitars Tours
Production and studio rental fees Marketing/Advertising 
Producing and promoting Cd’s 
Web development 
Gear maintenance – wires, chords, guitar repair, guitar strings, electronics, sound systems, etc. 
Digital flyers and branding development, artwork, social medial planning 
Photography – photoshoots, stylist 
Videos – producer and studio/location fees 
Liability insurance 
Membership fees – CMA, ACM, etc. 
Gas to travel to/from shows 
Travel/tour expenses/ accommodations 
Parking fees 
Hiring support musicians 
Consultant fees 
Attorney’s fees 
Tax Accountant prep for business

Another way artists can succeed is to partner with companies – I can create a theme song, jingle, etc., as well as perform at your company functions. Your company’s logo and information would appear on the promotion done for my shows, website, newsletter, and social media pages, offering additional exposure for your brand. If you or someone you know would like to expand their brand by partnering with me, please contact me!