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Steven Cade really stood out. We asked him to perform and I am glad we did. His amiable personality and great stage presence really came out in both the way he performed and in the way he connected with the audience. His musical skill, along with his band’s, was definitely there; but what stood out was his genuineness and likability. Something about him made you want to just stop and listen. And then of course the musical performance grabs you and makes you stay. Our audience loved him!
– Brian Aiello Entertainment Chair, Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

“With this effervescent single, Steven Cade debuts a song that is as strong as, if not better than, anything else you hear on the radio.”

“Steven Cade is an awesome artist. He grabbed my attention and held until he finished. I am very particular about the artists I work with and I would love working with him some day. He is an artist I feel we will be hearing great things about in the future.”
– Danny Leake FOH, Stevie Wonder

“San Diego has a wealth of talented singer-songwriters, but several have emerged in recent years as real contenders for the brass ring. At the top of the list has to be Steven Cade.”
– Bart Mendoza,

“[Steven is] back with renewed faith…And oh my…his voice. Filled with purpose and passion. A singer/songwriter cut from a special breed. A local favorite turned into Nashville superstar in the making. I already know he will top the charts. There is no IF, only WHEN!”
– Chris Megason – President and CEO, Solutions for Change

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